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This is EGO3 hot tub filter water - the best spa water quality you can get!

Hot tub filter

The only hot tub filter with a 4 months 100% satisfaction warranty!

What does the EGO3 filter do?

best in hot tub filtration
7 advantages of the best hot tub filters

1. filter cheaper

YES, washable, reusable and you only have to change the filter material by simply replacing the filter balls and not the whole hot tub filter each time. SAVE MONEY and relax! And if you throw away the filter material every few months and replace the dirty filterballs with new ones, it's still always cheaper and you save time. SAVE TIME and relax! 1 refill is only around 7.50 USD!

2. filter more reliably

YES, since EGO³ spa filters can hardly clog up, due to the unique Twirling Technology and therefore always filters with an enormously large 3-dimensional filter volume. NO STOP - 3D FILTERVOLUMES, only hot tub filters from EG SpaSolutions GmbH offer this.

3. easier to clean

YES, the cleaning is extremely easy like with a sponge. How the EASY SQUEEZE TECHNOLOGY works can be seen on the underside "Cleaning the hot tub filter". EGO³ hot tub filters are the easiest to clean hot tub filters on the market

4. finer filtering

YES, because EGO³ hot tub filters filter even the smallest particles after only a few days due to the adhesive technology. We're talking about the ZERO DIRT TECHNOLOGY. That means there's zero dirt in your hot tub. Your hot tub filter from EGO3 filters 100% of the particles! This is absolutely unique!

5. filter longer

YES, due to the huge cylindrical 3D filter area, EGO³ hot tub filters can absorb much more dirt. We call that the 3D-HIGH VOLUME FILTER TECHNOLOGY!

6. keep the dirt in the filter

YES, as the particles are sucked into the filter interior, they remain in the filter even when turned out. And according to a popular saying in Las Vegas. only hot tub filter manufacturer say: What happens in an EGO3 filter stays in an EGO3 filter! All dirt remains in the EGO³ hot tub Filter!

7. filter more environmentally friendly

YES, by PET RECYCLING FILTERMATERIAL (Made in Germany) and reusable filter cartridges. We protect the environment like no other hot tub filter!


30 years old hot tub filter

catridge filter
catridge filter

state of the art hot tub filter

fiberball hot tub filter
fiberball hot tub filter

EGO3 hot tub filters are available for almost all major brands


"I have been using the EGO3 filters for a couple of weeks now.  I am very impressed by how well they installed, fit and operate.  The water is beautifully clean and clear.  Thank you very much!" Graham A. (Arctic Spas hot tub), Ontario, Canada

 Ego³ hot tubfilters replace your previous fleece or paper spa filters. This 30 years old technology with simple filter fleece has been replaced by a new technology that gives you more comfort and pleasure with your hot tub. We all know all the problems that conventional hot tub filters cause us. They are constantly clogged, very difficult to clean, a replacement hot tub Filters cost relatively much and are often necessary, in winter the exchange of the filters is particularly unpleasant, much of the dirt is removed immediately when the filter is turned out and stays in the water and the filters are also very bulky. This has already bothered us and 4 years ago we had the brilliant idea for a new hot tub filter. He shouldn't have all these mistakes anymore and now we are happy and also commercially very successful with the new EGO3 hot tub filters. A hot tub filter as it should be!

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We are spa owners. And we all love our spa. Everybody in our company has got a spa at home and when we were talking about our spas we were also talking about how wonderful it is to relax there. The only thing nobody liked, was to clean hot tub filters. These stinky white (later brown) blue canisters. Any one of us spend hours to change them, to clean them and even tough we could hardly get them clean again. The hot tub filter was the only thing no one liked. So we were thinking about alternatives like sand filters, fabric filters, ceramic hot tub filters, but nothing led us to much better results. And then we got it. We were testing this brandnew filterballs, found out that the results of filtration were much better then ever before. The only challenge was how to use them in a spa. So we built several test kits with different cartridges and after one year of testing we were happy to exactly know how to build it. The Ego3 Hot Tub Filter was born. Production started fast, patents were done worldwide and in the meantime ten thousands have been sold and everyone loves them.

In our world of stress a spa becomes for more and more people a place of repose. Even the old Romans and Egyptians were used to recover themselves form their daily efforts in bathhouses, cultivated and strengthened their bodies and recharged their batteries.

In the past 15 years those oases of calmnes are getting more and more popular, the technique is more sophisticated, the tubs are getting larger, powered by more jets and more pumps. Certainly also the demand of spa filters raised as more customers are using their spas more often and more intense but surely the water should stay always bright, clear and disinfected by using as less chemicals as possible. But for hottub filters nothing changed for 3 decades.


The leading manufacturers are very focused to have the very best and actual spa-tech and materials build in their spas. They are working on constant updates and special features on their products, only the way of spa filtration has not changed changed at all. Because there was no new technology in sight for a hottub filter.


The last 30 years a paper spa cartridge filter was state of the art. There were no inventions going on and everybody was sick of cleaning those spa filters all the time. They are complicated to clean and expensive to substitute.


Our EGO3 hot tub filter promise for you

  • our hot tub filter is able to filter every particle and if we say every we mean every. The EGO3 spa filter is the only spa filter on the spa market that can filter every piece of dirt no matter how little it is. Thats what we call our ZERO DIRT TECHNOLOGY
  • our spa filter is much easier to clean as you can see in the video above
  • our spa filters don`t even have to be cleaned since the refills are so cheap
  • our hot tub filters are green technology as the filtermaterial that has to be changed or cleaned every 2-4 months is made of recycled PET drink water bottles and can be recycled again
  • our spa filter enables longer spa components (pumps aso) life time

THE EGO3 HOT TUB FILTER GUARANTEE: We filter better, cleaner and cheaper then any other filter for hot tubs you had before and you save time and money while you also save the environment or you`ll get your money back!

If you want to smile every time in your spa - just use EGO3 hot tub filters - Enjoy your spa!

Artesian Spas hot tub filter
EGO3 hot tub filters make your water shine!

Our new and patented spa filters revolutionize spa industry. So far we are all slaves of our spa cartridges. We have had to clean  them much too often. EGO3 hot tub filters are based on a much better concept. We are using a multiuse filter canister and use filtermaterial refills made of recycled PET.


The filterballs are so easy to clean that you save much time and efforts.


But the filterballs are also so cheap you don`t even have to clean them. Just change them and put another 14 filterballs refill into the canister every 8-16 weeks. Thats all you have to do to relaxin  crystal clear spa water.


We started with hottubfilters for Artesian Spas and Master Spas. We added more and more different types and today we are happy to offer our very special hot tub filters for nearly every brand like Cal Spas, Jacuzzi, Sundance Spas, Bull Frog Spas, Hotspring Spas and many more.


And it has become a very successful story. In the meantime we sold ten thousands of EGO3 hot tub filters. We offer as the only hot tub filter manufacturer worldwide a 4 months satisfaction guarantee, because we know that people love our filters. The return rate is less than 0,1%. An EGO3 hot tub filter is an investment to get better hot tub water and to save money and time.